Green Building Consulting

  • Become Green Building ‘Compatible’ and Beyond
  • Certification is Optional.
  • You can be 100% Green without Certification. 
  • Globally Accepted Methodologies and Framework. 
  • Includes All Local Country and City Specifications
  • We can help you choose which one will fit the vision. All Standards are very similar in context.   
  • End to End Facilitation and Consultation.
  • Strategy Design and Planning on “how to achieve” maximum and achieve targets
  • Internal Process Handbooks and SOPs

Existing Businesses and Infrastructure

  • We make them smarter, healthier, greener, and climate-resilient.
  • These old structures are ready to match with new and smart cities.
  • We can increase and improve the overall life cycle.
  • Manufacturers and Industries can leverage for better OPEX

Smarter, Safer, Healthier Climate Resilient Buildings

  • Efforts towards climate adaptability well-managed facilities and cities.
  • Efforts to promote well being of your employees and workers.
  • Efforts to identify, implement, and execute solutions Against all-natural disasters like EarthQuakes, Cyclones, Flood, Landslides, etc.

Consulting, Advisory, Research, Audits, Strategy

  • Energy Audits, Water Audits, Waste Management,
  • Roadmaps and Action Plans for 2020-2025 etc
  • ESG Adherence, Audits, and Reports
  • Due Diligence, As is Study, Gap Analysis
  • Green Finance and Investments – We can Prep you up!

Construction, Interiors, and Fit-outs

  • Construction Through Another Venture of Ours.
  • Green Interiors and Fitouts
  • Real Estate Research and Advisory
  • For all types of commercial and residential properties

Each one you are different, therefore, our strategy and services may differ for each of you. Each Project has been different from each other.

We don’t follow the crowd, you have greater chances for achieving something unique! – Payal Rastogi, Founder and Principal

Talk to us over a cup of tea! We will tell you how?