Just Transition-ing to low carbon resilient businesses.

Just Transition to more sustainable planet, leaving no one behind and inclusivity from the current state of affairs. This is what the developed countries want to do along with the developing countries.

Climate change and Just Transition
Climate change and Just Transition

Its a more cohesive framework or mechanism whatever you may call it. Crux is that to make larger climate change impacts, businesses and communities need to be combined with government adaptation measures. Just transition can be more systematic approach to build on that.

Its more democratic approach towards future way of life.

Every person on the planet has a fundamental right to breathe clean air, eat clean food, live in cleaner homes and environment, drink clean water, basic education, and means to earn livelihoods.

Last 200 years of rapid global industrialization and inventions have threatened the ecosystems and its making thinkers and change makers ponder on how to sustain further.

ESG and 17 SDGs and their respective 136 sub clauses do represent the just transition’s acceptable agenda to work on for the people, countries and organizations.

Just transition as part of paris agreement brings more business opportunities because its all about actionable ideas and solutions. Businesses that can prove the impact and create more jobs and improve the standards of living of weaker communities.

  • “Climate action + social inclusion = the just transition.
    transition to a resilient, low-carbon economy is underway and investors are increasingly taking action to drive this shift. However, the pace of change is still too slow and too limited to achieve the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change or to realize the economic and social benefits that climate action can bring.
    Investors can do much more to bring about the needed change.”
    – United Nations Sustainable Development.

Just Transitions framework can help companies and investors devise more actionable tasks with excellent ROIs for long run.

For. E.G. : Electric Vehicles are possible now, green Hydrogen is possible now , rest is just logistics… we have several more technologies and innovations waiting to happen. Just 10 years ago, no one thought this could be possible. And its just getting started.

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