How to Integrate ESG in to your business?

ESG Integration into the company’s core operations is a pivotal to its impact on the financial risks and returns. It can produce impactful data, which will showcase your performance in real terms

Lot of attention is being given by the financial authorities in this subject. Most of the listed and unlisted large companies have started integrating ‘just’ the ESG concept. They are yet to create a process around it and integrate it deeper into the core values.

ESG also integrates other standards like GRI, SASB, ISO and other sustainability standards, all of them can be used,

There are more than 300 checklist points that come under ESG performance of an organization and it needs to be implemented at every level.

Implementation Framework is the same for all sizes and fits of all kinds of organization. It can be standardized across all offices, branches, in any country.

Effective ESG Integration also requires financial commitment for implementation and to support the compliances. There may be several initiatives at many levels and tasks that need to be managed and measured.

It’s an impactful risk mitigation criteria. You cannot take it lightly and report voluminous essays as I call such reports. Valid Data, KPIs’ and pivotal initiatives are crucial for all future investments and companies credibility.

This is not just for listed companies but for all medium to large private organizations also, as banks have started using ESG factors as another criteria for achievements along with balance sheets of organizations.