We are solution designers, business model innovators and technology aggregators to reduce your carbon footprint.  Sustainability is a strategy that helps an organization manage their resources more efficiently and responsibly.  We will look at your business holistically and identify the needs to reduce the ‘carbon footprint’. 

We have designed new frameworks, strategies and methodologies which are beyond regular standards available globally. We ensure it will make business sense to you by focusing on greater use of greener processes and smart services.

We have experience consultants onboard for each of the technical expertise required to deliver the best solutions across the globe.

Founder / Principal Consultant: Payal Rastogi

23 years of professional and entrepreneurial experience in many functions, industries, and countries. I like new technologies, I am a Strategist and Business Person at the core. I love to write on many subjects, you will see some books and ebooks in the future. Working on climate change and sustainability for the last 10 years. Carbonfixers is my initiative to ensure people understand and implement solutions to reduce carbon footprint and become climate resilient including all-natural disasters.

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